• Gensomura

    • Both have brown hair (yes, seitekina has brown hair, he just dyed his hair into orange.)
    • Both use swords in combat (Although Sei uses a blazing blade and asuka uses two katanas.)
    • Both have someone who deny their crush towards them (Iason and Homura)
    • Both are the main character
    • (GCBK only) Both are perverts

    • Both have long black hair
    • Both have a serious personality, but aren't lacking of a softer side.
    • Both somewhat dislike perversion (However, Iason is secretly a pervert, so...)
    • Both have to put up with the perversion of someone else (Seitekina and Katsuragi in this case)

    • Both have innocent, sweet behavior
    • Both have someone who swore to protect them (Seitekina from time to time to Saizo, Yagyu all the damn time to Hibari.)
    • Both love sweets
    • Both are cin…

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  • FeruEnzeru
    • Daidouji = Homer J. Simpson (Strangling and Mature)
    • -
    • Katsuragi = Bart Simpson (Fun, Troublemaking and Pervesion)

    • Murasame = Francis Freeman (Villainy)
    • -
    • Ikaruga = Deadpool (Smart, Cunning and Brave)
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  • FeruEnzeru


    Episode 01: "Ninja That Stand Atop Skyscrapers" "Matenrō ni Tatsu Shinobi" (摩天楼に立つ忍者):
    Katsuragi messes with Asuka Part 1 - 06:54-07:17 :

    Katsuragi messes with Asuka Part 2 - 09:12-09:25 :

    Katsuragi messes with Asuka Part 3 - 11:44-11:51 :
    Episode 02: "The Legendary Shinobi Appears" "Densetsu no Shinobi Arawareru" (伝説の忍あらわる):
    Katsuragi messes with Asuka 2 Part 1 - 00:18-00:35 :

    Katsuragi's Inside Pool Strip Club - 09:33-09:59 :

    Katsuragi messes with Asuka 2 Part 2 - 11:32-11:44 :

    Katsuragi takes off Asuka's shirt and sees a Frog - 11:56-12:22 :

    Frog Attacks Ikaruga - 20:20-20:43 :
    Episode 03: "Moonlight Intruder" "Gekka no Shinnyūsha" (月下の侵入者):
    Katsuragi messes with Asuka 3 Part 1 - 08:20-08:34 :

    Katsuragi messes wit…

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  • Gensomura

    Some SK headcanons for GCBK

    September 11, 2017 by Gensomura

    • Asuka: A love addict/pervert, thanks to both Seitekina and Katsuragi.
    • Katsuragi: Eh, i dunno much aside of her being sei's slave. Perhaps she runs a hentai production company?
    • Ikaruga: A close friend of Iason, and most likely a love addict.
    • Hibari: the last person you would think to turn into a love addict
    • Yagyu: Doesn't care if someone has sex with Hibari. Somehow crushes on Seitekina and Haruka

    • Yumi: Doesn't wear underwear. 
    • Murakumo: Doesn't wear her mask.
    • Yozakura: Probably a perv as well
    • Shiki: A Pornstar perhaps? Eh. Who knows?
    • Minori: Iason's younger sister.

    • Miyabi: Futanari.
    • Imu: Tries to hide her pigtails because it will make people think her as childish. Also good at snark.
    • Murasaki: Popular doujin artist
    • Ryobi: bust size locked into large. A…

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  • Gensomura

    Yep, you heard me.

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